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Jacklyn Fairchild, MS, LPCC, CCTP

Jackie Fairchild is a licensed professional clinical counselor with a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Walden University. She is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and provides counseling services in a comfortable, relaxed, and open-minded atmosphere. 

Jackie works with students to support their ability to cope with various mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, anger, self-esteem, behavioral problems, and other related issues.  She believes in building a strong therapeutic relationship with clients and often utilizes joy and play to build a positive, supportive rapport with those she serves.  Jackie relies upon goal-orientated and evidence-based interventions in individual and group counseling to help students achieve their therapeutic goals and increase resiliency.      

Jackie is affiliated with Jay Berk & Associates and recently began working in partnership with Brecksville-Broadview Hts. City School District.  Jacklyn’s office is located at Brecksville-Broadview Hts. High School and she is available to meet with students during the school day.  For referrals to counseling services with Jackie, please speak with your student’s assigned school counselor or email Jackie directly at [email protected].         
Meagan Salata - College Now Financial Aid Advisor 

 Meagan Salata is our College Now Greater Cleveland financial aid advisor.  Megan will be at BBHHS in the Counseling Office to assist with financial aid, FAFSA, and the CSS Profile.  She can also help students and families with scholarship search and application completion.   With nearly 15 years in education, Meagan has worked in the admissions field for the majority of her career.  Meagan will be available by appointment only. Please stay tuned for specific days of availability.

Our Philosophy

Because of continual changes in the home, the community, and the school, the counselors at Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School must provide a comprehensive, developmental program which is an equal partner with other essential school programs.

We provide a carefully planned program which helps our students to acquire developmentally-appropriate skills, and we use the latest methods, activities, materials, and technology in this effort. Although we respond to immediate problems and conflicts involving our students, we embrace a proactive approach to our students’ counseling and guidance needs.

How Can We Help?


Students are encouraged to visit the guidance office anytime they are free—before school, during a study hall, during lunch or after school. Students should not miss a class in order to see their counselor unless it is an emergency.

When a student enters the guidance office, he or she should sign in on the clipboard located on the counter. If the counselor is not available, the student is encouraged to write a brief note explaining the reason for the visit. The counselor will contact the student as soon as possible after receiving the note.

You are not in trouble if you are asked to come to the guidance office. It is a time to talk and listen.

What might a student ask a counselor about?

· I’m here because other students are giving me a hard time.

· I don’t have any idea what I want to do after graduation.

· I am having problems with one of my teachers.

· My girlfriend/boyfriend dumped me.

· I need help figuring out how to get better grades.

What might a teacher ask a counselor about?

· I need some ideas for helping a student.

· I am teaching a unit on self-image and would like you to be a guest speaker.

What might a parent ask a counselor about?

· I need to communicate with all teachers about a situation at home and/or a medical need.

· I need some suggestions on how to improve my child’s study habits.

· What kind of courses does my child need to take to get into college?

What Does A School Counselor Do?

· CLASSROOM GUIDANCE— Counselors can be used as facilitator or team teachers to help instruct guidance-related topics. e.g. interviewing

· INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING— Counselors are trained to help resolve personal, social, educational, and career development issues.

· GROUP COUNSELING/GUIDANCE— Counseling may be provided on a small-group basis to help students with concerns about relationships, personal matters, and developmental tasks.

· PARENT CONSULTATION— Counselors will conduct parenting meetings, facilitate conferences, and offer appropriate information for situations as they arise.

· STAFF CONSULTATION— Counselors can assist staff members in obtaining knowledge and skills. e.g. learning styles test interpretation.

· CONSULTATION WITH THE COMMUNITY— Counselors may refer students and their families to community agencies when long-term counseling is needed to help with more serious personal, social, or educational concerns.

· ADMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL ACTIVITIES— The counseling staff will interpret standardized tests, oversee the scheduling process, and review college and scholarship applications and procedures.

· PROGRAM MANAGEMENT— Counselors working collaboratively with other school/community members will work on the development of the guidance program by identifying and gathering guidance resources, designing activities, and assessing and evaluating their impact.

· PUPIL APPRAISAL— Counselors will assist in the collaborative effort to identify students’ strengths, needs and interests through intervention assistance team assessments, multi-factored evaluations, individual career plans, etc.


The guidance office is a place a student or parent may come to discuss concerns confidentially.

Confidentiality means that personal concerns will not be shared with others. However, counselors are required by law to contact other adults if a situation arises that puts someone in physical or emotional harm.
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