Technology Plan Executive Summary

Technology Vision and Goals 
Technology Vision
The Brecksville-Broadview Heights School District provides and supports the necessary technological resources to foster student growth in academic areas, develop next generation skills in students and faculty, and operate the school district in an efficient and effective manner.

Technology Goals
To meet the needs of its students, staff, and school community over the next five years, the district has identified three major technology goals. These goals acknowledge the existing technology resources and initiatives that are currently in use while planning to meet the challenges and demands that are likely to arise within the next few years.

Goal 1: Provide a ubiquitous and flexible technology infrastructure to support the instructional and operational needs of the school district.

The district must provide the technology necessary to accomplish all of the learning and operational tasks that need to be done. This includes the devices that students and staff members use to complete their work as well as the underlying infrastructure to ensure that these devices perform reliably and effectively. Additionally, care must be taken to provide adequate environmental conditions for servers and network equipment, and to accommodate future needs as they arise.

Goal 2: Encourage rigorous and personalized learning at all grade levels.

Technology allows teachers to individualize instruction in ways that were previously impractical. Formative assessments and blended learning technologies can help teachers differentiate lessons to meet the individual needs of every child, and to adjust learning experiences as needed. The district must encourage this work through the adoption of tools that facilitate the collection and analysis of student achievement data and resources that help them manage classes where students are simultaneously completing many different types of activities. Inherent in this work is the need for rigorous professional development that is focused on student learning rather than on the operation of individual technology tools.

Goal 3: Support the efficient and productive operation of the school district.

Technology has the potential to streamline processes and improve efficiencies. Part of this work involves automation of labor-intensive tasks, as well as the integration of various systems. When different technologies can interface with one another and automatically share data, it makes the entire system easier to use for staff and students while improving efficiency and saving money.

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