District Leadership

District Leadership

Education Center (Board Office)
6638 Mill Road
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
Office Hours:  School Year: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Superintendent ~ Jeffrey D. Harrison


The Superintendent is the Chief Executive Officer of the school district and as such is responsible for the establishment of guidelines and procedures that ensure the overall operation of the school district adheres to established Board policies. Additional responsibilities include oversight of Central Registration services, as well as Residency and Custody Verification requests. The Superintendent delegates, at his/her discretion, said responsibilities with the knowledge that the delegation of power or duty does not relieve the Superintendent of final responsibility for the action taken under such delegation.

Treasurer ~ Craig G. Yaniglos

The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Public Records Officer for the School District. Major functions the treasurer oversees include financial forecasting, budgetary management, payroll, employee benefits, accounts payable, accounts receivable, student activities, grants management, and investing. The Treasurer works collaboratively with the Superintendent and Board of Education for the successful operation of the District.

Brian Wycuff
Director of Human Resources ~ Brian Wycuff

The Director of Human Resources facilitates certificated/licensed and classified personnel recruitment and hiring processes. The Director of HR coordinates staff training and professional development, serves on the district’s Local Professional Development Committee, and directs the Entry Year/Resident Educator program and Master Teacher Committee. The Director of HR manages teamwork between associations (B.E.A., B.O.S.S.) the administration and Board of Education through negotiations, negotiated agreements, day-to-day interactions, and the Shared Solutions Communication Forums (SSCF).
David Martin
Director of Curriculum and Instruction ~ Dr. David Martin

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction oversees pre-kindergarten-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment; program innovations and works with teachers and administrators to recommend instructional resources to the Board of Education. The Director of Curriculum and Instruction oversees the Ohio Assessment system, district testing, the English Language Learners program, Title I/Reading Intervention, homeschooling, federal fund programming, Ohio Online Learning and the Community Awareness and Prevention Association.

Director of Pupil Services ~ Cassy Spangler

Responsible for overseeing programs related to special education. Responsible for registration, home instruction, 504 Plans, district compliance related to special education and 504 Plan policies and procedures. Responsible for health related tasks and personnel (e.g., school nurse, health aides), special education personnel (e.g., school psychologists, speech/language therapists, classroom assistants). Work with other administrators related to professional development and student performance and programming. Responsible for contracted services as needed/appropriate.

Facilities and Safety Coordinator  ~ Brian Koss

Operations Coordinator ~ Leonard Koestner

Coordinator of Technology ~ Bob Cireddu

The Technology Coordinator leads the development and implementation of technology initiatives in the district and provides necessary technology support and resources to accomplish district goals. Responsibilities include budgeting, procurement, deployment, and support of computers, networks, servers, and other technology resources. The technology coordinator oversees the recruitment, assignment, supervision, and evaluation of technology personnel, manages the district's network and server infrastructure and assists with the coordination on professional development initiatives.

 Lorna Daniels
Beekeepers Coordinator ~ Lorna Daniels
The Beekeeper School-Age Child Care Program Coordinator directs and facilitates before, after and vacation camps child care services within the District.  Within this administrative function, the Coordinator is responsible for effective use of tuition funds, leadership of staff in receiving required health and safety training and implementation of enrichment activities that support students social and emotional learning.  Also, ensures policy and guidelines set forth by the State are followed.
Food Service Supervisor ~ Amy Voigt, MS, RD. LD
The Food Service Coordinator effectively prepares fresh and nutritionally balanced meals for our students and staff.  Responsibilites are vast and include maintaining State nutrition requirements, oversees management of District cafeterias and their staff, maintains cleanliness and safety in all areas and effective use of funds while accurately ordering food and supplies.   

Supervisor of Transportation ~ Fonzie Culver
The Supervisor of Transportation is responsible for providing professional leadership and management of school transportation. The Supervisor promotes the highest standard of safety within this administrative function and strategically seeks opportunity to achieve the most effective use of resources while transporting our students within our District. 

Jim Crooks
Coordinator of Community Relations ~ Jim Crooks

The Community Relations Coordinator directs and maintains an effective communication program between and among the district, community, staff, parents, other school districts, the media, etc. The Coordinator writes and edits all district communications including traditional newsletters, electronic newsletters, website articles, press releases, social media postings and tweets. Also creates video scripts, oversees the production of videos and coordinates district-wide events for and with community groups.
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