Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

We are proud to offer many clubs and sports at the Middle School.  Participating in a club or sport gives a student an opportunity to purse special interests and explore activities beyond the classroom.   

Please CLICK HERE to learn about the activities offered at the Middle School.  This list includes a description, advisor/coach information, and pay-to-participate fees.

If your student would like to join a club or sport please follow these steps:

  1. Visit Final Forms and log into your parent account.  At the “My Students” screen, click “Add Sports/Activities” and select the activity for your student.  Advisors/Coaches use Final Forms to communicate with students and parents and to coordinate medical/emergency information.
  2. Have your student listen to announcements for informational meetings to attend.   Contact the advisor/coach with any questions.  (Some sports have try-outs to participate.)
  3. Once the advisor/coach finalizes their roster, pay-to-participate fees will be loaded in PaySchoolsCentral.com and they will let you know it is time to pay the fee.
    1. Visit PaySchoolsCentral.com to pay on-line with an ACH transfer or credit/debit card.                                   CLICK HERE for more information on using PaySchoolsCentral.com.
    2. Or you may pay with a check payable to BBHMS or exact amount of cash in the Main Office.

Cap Information and Refund Policy

There is a $300 cap on pay-to-participate fees for an individual Middle School student. This is automatically calculated in Pay Schools Central.  If your student exceeds the cap at some point in the year, the amount will automatically be adjusted during checkout.  

Once the first event for a sport or second meeting for a club takes place, there is no refund.   Ineligibility or leaving an activity for any reason does not qualify for a refund.  (If you miss 50% or more of the regular athletic season due to injury, you will receive a pro-rated refund. Your doctor’s written verification must be submitted to the Athletic Department.)

Please contact Sheri Dickhaut, [email protected] 440-740-4411 with any questions.

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