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Digital Citizenship at BBHMS
Tips for Parents:

1.   Keep track of your child’s online presence

2.   Talk often about being a good online citizen

3.   Encourage your child to talk to an adult about inappropriate online behavior

4.   Use passwords that have numbers, letters, capital letters, and special characters

5.   Have access to your child’s social networks

6.   Teach them how to interact with others online in safe, appropriate ways

What we teach at the Middle School

At BBHMS we use Digital Citizenship curriculum designed by Common Sense Media. Common Sense is a leading organization who arms parents, children, and educators with information to keep children safe online.

The Scope and Sequence published by Common Sense educates children from grades K through 12. Specific lessons taught at the Middle School are:
  • Digital Life 101
  • Strategic Searching
  • Scams and Schemes
  • Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding
  • A Creator’s Rights
  • My Media
  • A Creator’s Responsibilities
  • Safe Online Talk
  • Which Me Should I Be?
  • Gender Stereotypes Online
  • Trillion Dollar Footprint
  • Identifying High Quality Sites
  • The Reality of Digital Drama
  • Cyberbullying: Crossing the Line
  • Rework, Reuse, Remix

Educators in our school constantly reinforce correct online behavior, stress privacy, and speak often to students about online bullying.

Speakers have been brought in to address the student body about the effects of cyberbullying, online stalkers, and other topics.


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