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BBHCSD Staff Engages in Exciting Focus 3 Culminating Event
Focus 3 Presentation The combined staff of the Brecksville-Broadview Heights City School District gathered on Thursday, March 21, 2019, to kick-off their two days of professional development in dramatic and exciting fashion, as the members of the internal Focus 3 team officially shared the principles and beliefs from the staff’s Cultural Playbook with all. Nearly 50 internal staff members began the event by enthusiastically entering the stage of the Middle School auditorium through the inflatable Bee tunnel and emerging through mood-setting smoke and colorful lights, amidst a backdrop of an image that encouraged everyone to be “The Heart of the Hive.” From there, an interactive video was played that involved testimonials from staff and students from throughout the entire campus of the Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools, evoking positivity, emotion and pride in the District. Several important principles were shared with the staff which emerged from the internal Focus 3 team’s work over the last 12 months, which is all based on the Focus 3 performance concept, founded by Tim Kight, to help organizations achieve their goals. It involves a series of coordinated beliefs, behaviors and outcomes that team members can passionately pursue to help the organization thrive. Some of the BBHCSD’s beliefs that emerged for the staff included to “Bee Your Best,” encouraging staff members to challenge themselves and to actively engage others. In addition, the Cultural Playbook promotes staff members to “Bee the Future,” by acting with a purpose, pursuing the plan and living forever proud. These principles combined are intended to prompt a collective pursuit by the staff to truly become “The Heart of the Hive,” in the District so that students can passionately pursue and achieve their academic and co-curricular goals. In all, two days of professional development were kicked off with a motivational morning of sharing beliefs and the path forward for the District to pursue continued overall success and growth.
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