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Lunch and Learn Career Series Debuts at High School

On Wednesday, October 11th the BBHHS Counseling Department in cooperation with CVCC hosted the first guest speaker presentation in what will hopefully be a monthly "Lunch and Learn" session centered on career opportunities to expose students to the various career pathways available to them. The first "Lunch and Learn" hosted by Mrs. Randi Borosh and Mrs. Bridget Milano centered on careers in federal and law enforcement, specifically the Secret Service.

Agent Tyrell from the Secret Service was on campus to meet with students who registered for the seminar. He spoke to students about the different positions available such as the Uniformed Division, Secret Agents, and Cyber Security Agents. Agent Tyrell reviewed key information such as educational background requirements, fitness requirements, application processes, interview expectations, and key attributes needed to enter the field such as integrity and dedicated work ethic. BBHHS students were able to talk directly with Agent Tyrell, ask questions about him and his background, and check out his armored government-provided vehicle.

Thank you to the BBHHS Counseling Department and CVCC, including Mrs. Borosh and Mrs. Milano for providing our students with a meaningful and informative career exploration experience.