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BBHCSD Recognizes 2023 Gallery of Achievement Inductees
2023 Gallery of Achievement Inductees

Congratulations to the outstanding individuals who were honored during a special daytime assembly at BBHHS on Friday, October 6, 2023. The Gallery of Achievement proudly inducted five remarkable members into its distinguished ranks: John "Jerry" Gunner, Rich Packard, Greg Skaljac, Jim Roytz, and Chuck Valley (pictured below in order).

During the assembly, the inductees addressed members of our senior class, sharing their incredible journeys from when they were students at BBHHS to their current achievements, and impact on their respective careers, communities, and personal lives. Their speeches encapsulated invaluable life lessons, emphasizing the importance of taking chances, believing in oneself, surrounding oneself with positive influences, demonstrating exemplary character, and above all else, serving our communities and families.

Their words certainly will have left a lasting impact on all present, reminding us of the power of perseverance, resilience, and community engagement. We express our sincere gratitude to John "Jerry" Gunner, Rich Packard, Greg Skaljac, Jim Roytz, and Chuck Valley for their messages and for taking the time to be with us at BBHHS today. To learn more about our inductees and the Gallery of Achievement, please view this year's official program. 

John "Jerry" Gunner

Rich Packard

Greg Skaljac

Jim Roytz

Chuck Valley