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Elementary Students Set Bricks at New Facility Construction Site

Third grade students from each of the three elementary buildings in the BBHCSD paid a meaningful and energetic visit to the construction site of the new PreK-5 Elementary building and in the process, set bricks to formally help the project move along. Under the close and careful supervision of building principals, staff members and members of the construction management team, third graders took a tour of the facility, winding through the still unfinished walls of the kitchen and cafeteria areas and their classrooms. Construction managers took questions from the students and answered them as they walked through the facility. To culminate the visit, third graders worked with construction crew members to set bricks into place, officially engaging themselves in the construction process. These students were selected, because they will be the first graduating class from the building when it opens for the start of the 2022 – 2023 school year. Thank you to the construction management team for their hospitality and creativity in engaging our students in the process.