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BBHMS Students Raise Generous Donation to Support Clean Water Projects

Students from HUDDLE Jr.   (Helping Us Develop Dedication, Leadership, and Enthusiasm), an 8th grade peer leadership group at BBHMS, recently demonstrated a commitment to making waves of lasting, positive change by raising approximately $3,125.00 through a school-wide fundraiser on behalf of Drink Local. Drink Tap. Inc., an international non-profit organization dedicated to solving water equity issues through various projects, educational programs, and partnerships. Students were inspired to support the fundraiser after listening to a presentation by Kristine Noll, Wavemaker Program Coordinator for Drink Local. Drink Tap. The fundraiser took place this past March and centered around World Water Day, an annual observance that seeks to raise awareness about freshwater and how much people need it, including the approximately 3 billion people who lack access to clean freshwater around the world. Over a three-day period, members of HUDDLE Jr. led a “Penny War” between grades 5-8 and each individual homeroom. On day one, students were encouraged to deposit pennies and nickels in each homeroom’s collection box, followed by dimes and quarters on day two, and any monetary donation amount on the third and final day. Huddle Jr. members also created an engaging Google Slides presentation to help raise awareness about the fundraiser and the world-wide need for clean water. 

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, HUDDLE Jr. members held an outside presentation with Kristine Noll to announce the fundraising total. A special thank you to Cheryl Stopar, CAPA Project Coordinator for her work with HUDDLE Jr. The BBHCSD thanks all those who supported the World Water Day fundraiser and proudly commends the members of HUDDLE Jr. for their praiseworthy efforts to address the issue of water equity around the world!