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Remote Day - Monday February 22, 2021
Staff members in the BBHCSD will receive the first dose of the two-part vaccinations on Monday, February 22, and Monday, March 15, respectively Those two days, along with Tuesday, March 16, will be ASYNCHRONOUS learning days for all students, PreK-12. Students will not report to their buildings on these three days. All staff and students will then return to in-person learning on Wednesday, March 17.

Students should be prepared to participate in asynchronous learning activities and assignments that they may either take home with them or be assigned in their Google classrooms on these days. In addition, staff will be holding virtual office hours in the mornings on February 22, and March 15, prior to their vaccination windows.

Our staff receiving this two-part vaccination is an important step in maintaining the safe learning environment for everyone going forward. Once again, all students PreK-12 will learn asynchronously in a remote learning environment on Monday, February 22, Monday, March 15, and Tuesday, March 16. Please mark your calendars.