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Therapeutic Riding Program Helps Preschool Students Learn Outside the Classroom

Preschool student at Camp Cheerful 

Students from Stepping Stone Integrated Preschool have the opportunity to participate in engaging learning opportunities outside of the classroom thanks to a therapeutic riding program hosted at Achievement Center’s Camp Cheerful in Strongsville.  The program is integrated into instruction through regular visits to Camp Cheerful during which students have peer interactions and practice utilizing communication skills outside of the normal school setting.  Participation in the program also supports and enhances other skills such as balance while boosting self-esteem and personal confidence.  Students greatly enjoy the hands-on learning focus of the program and look forward to every visit.  Funding for the program is made possible through a Skuza Family Grant.  Thank you to everyone involved for providing this wonderful learning experience for our special preschool students.  

Stepping Stone Preschool