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Chef Rocco Whalen Visits Highland Drive

Chef Whalen speaking 

Cleveland’s own Chef Rocco Whalen visited Highland Drive Elementary on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, to share his culinary expertise with 2nd and 4th grade students.  Utilizing live cooking demonstrations, Chef Whalen provided examples of how math and science skills are part of the cooking process, such as converting recipes and portion sizes, understanding how ingredients react with each other, as well as various boiling and freezing points.  Students also learned about seasonal vegetables such parsnips, turnips, celery root, potatoes, squash and others, which Chef Whalen used to whip up some delicious “Highland Drive Vegetable Hash.”  Chef Whalen also shared about his love of cooking and the amount of hard work and dedication required to own and run several restaurants.  An award-winning chef, Rocco Whalen has founded and operates several restaurants in Cleveland and Charlotte, NC, including Fahrenheit in historic Tremont.  A big thank you to Chef Rocco Whalen for sharing his passion and expertise for cooking with our students!

Chef Whalen cooking