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Quarantine Guidelines Update March 2021

Please be advised that in recent weeks there have been some updates to the quarantine guidelines, mostly due to little incidence of classroom spread of the virus across the state:

  • Students who are in a classroom setting with masks being worn and are at a distance of 3-6 feet from a person with a positive test, may still continue to come to school and now may also attend all extracurricular and athletic activities.  They must continue to monitor for any development of covid symptoms for a full 14 days from their last exposure.
  • All students in a classroom setting with masks that are within 3 feet of a person with a positive test (or within 6 feet in a setting where masks are not worn such as lunch, pe, or music) must quarantine at home for 10 days if no test is performed.  If they are tested on day 5 of the quarantine and the test is negative, they may return to school and activities on day 7.
  • All quarantines for out of school exposures are now 10 days if a test is not performed.  If a test is performed on day 5 or later and it is negative, the student may return to school and school activities on day 7.
  • Important: for all quarantines, the student must continue to monitor for symptoms for 14 days.  If symptoms develop they need to immediately isolate and report the symptoms and exposure to their medical provider and to school. 
  • A copy of the negative test result to shorten a quarantine must be provided to the school before the quarantine is reduced.

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