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Highland 3rd Graders Get Creative with “How To” Project

Dagny Ferguson shows how to draw a flower

Each day, both in-person and online classrooms are providing students in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools engaging learning opportunities that promote creativity, inquiry, and critical thinking skills. In Mrs. Niedermeyer’s online third grade class, students are working on a “How To” project to teach their classmates how to make a craft or put something together. To complete the project, students are required to brainstorm a topic, complete all necessary planning steps, gather the appropriate materials, create a slide presentation to show the progression of their project, and then explain how to complete the craft/project through an online class presentation or video. 3rd grader Dagny Ferguson created a video titled “How to Draw A Flower” which features impressive video editing and a Bob Ross inspired look and feel, complete with music from the beloved PBS television icon’s show. Students and families can watch Dagny’s “How To” project video online. Congratulations to Mrs. Niedermeyer’s 3rd grade students for their terrific work!

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