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Central School Hosts 1st Annual Foursquare Newcomb Tournament

Foursquare Newcomb Tournament
As a fun and active way to mark the end of the school year, Central hosted its 1st Annual Foursquare Newcomb tournament on Wednesday, May 30th and Thursday, May 31st in the large gym.  Each day of the tournament was organized by grade level and included both students and staff members.  The large gym was filled with excitement and loud cheers of encouragement from the stands throughout the entire tournament.  Preselected prizes were awarded to students after rounds three and five.  The Central School PSO contributed to the festivities by decorating the gym with a variety of “Bee-Pride” themed balloons and other fun decorations.
Foursquare Newcomb is a hybrid game that combines aspects of volleyball with the game of foursquare.  Volleyball netting divides the court into four quadrants which each team is responsible for protecting.  To play the game, a player from one of the teams throws the ball over the netting to one of the other three quadrants.  If the players from the receiving team fail to catch the ball or it hits the floor untouched in their quadrant, a player from that team must stand on the back wall.  Teams can bring a disqualified teammate back into the action by making a one-handed catch.  Overall, the tournament provided the entire student body a memorable shared experience that promoted the importance of treating others with respect.
Foursquare Newcomb Tournament 

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