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Technology News

The students and staff access one page for technology. This page is called our portal page. When teachers find a site they like, it is approved and placed on this site.

Kindergarten- Each two classrooms share a class set of Chromebooks.  Access to iPads to share within the 4 classes.  Students use sites like Starfall.com, Mouse Letters, Digging for Worms (mouse practice) and Raz-Kids on a regular basis, as well as incorporating iPads into center time and special projects.  

1st Grade- Students have iPads assigned to them along with access to a number of Chromebooks.  Students are using productivity apps like Tellagami, Chatterpix, Seesaw, and PicCollage to create projects.  Students also get computer standards covered in computer lab and the media center on a weekly basis.

2nd Grade- Each student has a laptop (netbook) and access to iPads in their classroom. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is utilized in the 2nd grade technology curriculum, and 2nd graders have their own Google accounts. (Email is turned off for 2nd grade).

3rd Grade- Each student has a laptop and access to iPads in the classroom. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is utilized in the 3rd grade technology curriculum, and 3rd graders have their own Google accounts.

Mrs. Cathy McKelvey (Media/Integration Specialist) works with staff and students to integrate technology into the curriculum and infuse content standards with technology standards.  She assists students in developing an understanding of key components of the netbooks and iPads. She also works with students to develop keyboarding skills and learn how to utilize a variety of programs to create final projects.

The computer lab is accessed by our K-3 students on a daily basis.  The computers are mainly utilized for i-Ready, but many other programs are used to enhance classroom lessons as well.

Mrs. Moore recently taught first graders a lesson called "Which, What, Who?" where students created their own mixed up animals.  To integrate a technology piece to this, students used the website Switchzoo to create a digital form of a "Which, What, Who!"  Click here to see some of their creations!

Describing Us!

First graders use PicCollage and their knowledge of adjectives to describe themselves.
Celebrating Self!
Students create a frame of words describing them!


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Animal Research

Third graders use Google Slides and PebbleGo to create animal research projects to share with classmates.  An example is this slideshow on the beaver.

Seesaw Online Portfolios

After creating the pictures above, students used Seesaw to record themselves describing their story cover with Piggie and Elephant.
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