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Top Student Fundraisers Turn Principal Toth into a Human Sundae
Principal Toth
Over one-hundred-seventy Central students were rewarded for their exceptional fundraising efforts with the opportunity to turn Principal Colleen Toth into a human sundae during a building-wide assembly on Monday, December 17, 2018.   The ‘sweet’ incentive was offered to students who sold ten or more catalogued items or donated $35.00 as part of a school-wide fundraiser during the month of September.  Participating students took turns dumping a variety of sundae toppings purchased by the Central PSO, including whipped cream, sprinkles, hot fudge and maraschino cherries on Principal Toth to the delight of students and staff!  Thank-you to Principal Toth and all participating students for supporting Central School! 
Principal Toth turned into a human sundae