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Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grade Option
The “S/U” option is the opportunity given to a junior or senior to select one (1) unit of credit or less in non-required subjects for credit each year in which the grade will be either “Satisfactory” or “Unsatisfactory”. In addition, any student in grades 10-12 may take an additional S/U option for a music course, excluding music theory and music appreciation.“Satisfactory” (S) will require a “C” or higher for credit; this translates into an average of at least 73%. An average below 73% will result in an “Unsatisfactory” (U). This option is not available for honors or advanced placement courses. “Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory” credit will be included in the total credits being taken by the student, but will not be figured into the grade point average or class rank. Therefore, the “S/U” option does not figure into the GPA to determine a student’s eligibility; however it will count toward the 5-credit course requirement that also determines eligibility. The student’s declaration for “S/U” must be made prior to the end of September for the first semester or year-long courses and the applications must be approved by the student’s counselor and Assistant Principal. During the second semester, students have the first ten school days to select this option.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Form