Highland Drive Elementary is a kindergarten through grade three building with an enrollment of approximately 365 bright and eager students. Our picturesque school opened in 1953. At that time, there were only two of the present three wings - the primary and middle halls. In 1957, the north wing was built. As our city grew, more children were attending Highland, and the addition was needed. The early school housed grades K - 6. Later, 6th grade left for the middle school and then joined the 5th grade at Oakes Road in1992. The fourth and fifth grades moved to the intermediate school (Central)  in 1997 giving us our present configuration.

Our Highland Drive School mission is to educate and inspire all students to achieve personal excellence and to be contributing members of our school community and the community at large.

Our vision for our school is the creation of a learning community where all students feel safe, respected and valued. We recognize that children are unique and not only can learn but need to learn in a situation that values differences.