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Health Services

From the Nurse's Desk
 Dear Parents/ Guardian:
Welcome to a new school year at Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools. We are excited to begin the new year and look forward to meeting and interacting with you and your child.
In order to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff, and to ensure compliance to all state laws we require a completed immunization record to be on file for every student within the first 14 days of their admission into our district. Once this record is on file, only updated need to be forwarded to our building clinics. If your child needs further immunizations to be compliant with the Ohio's requirements, you can make an appointment with your health care probider or the Cuyahoga Board of Health (216-201-2041). The date of this appointment must be communicated with the building health aide. Physicals must also be on file for preschoolers, kindergarten students or other students new to our district that have not been in a public/ private school before entering our district. These forms can be obtained when you register through Registration Gateway or from your school clinic. Those students participating in a school sport should obtain and return their physical forms from the athletic department/ coach. Every new student is required to fill out a health history form that can be generated through Registration Gateway or botained from the school clinic.
When you fill out your information on-line, you will find two informative references that will provide you with guidance throughout the school-year. The first document titled "When to Keep Your Child Home From School." It is sometimes hard to decide whether to keep your child home and this document may provide you with some guidelines.  The second document is titled "Common Childhood Contatgious Conditions" which lists some common conditions alon with their symptoms as well as guidelines that our school distric must follow according to the Ohio Deparment of Health.  Together we can work to keep communicable diseases from spreading throughout our school district and this helpls create a better learning enviroment for all students.  
During the school year, the district provides vision and/ or hearing screening to children in grades Pre-K, K, 1, 3, 5, 7 (vision only), 9 and 11 (hearing only) and scoliosis screening in grades 6 and 7. We are also screening students in daily high noise environments every year for hearing. You will only receive notification if your child does not pass the screening according to guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Heath.
If your child requires medication during the school day (daily, as needed or emegency medications), please view our district medication policy and fill out appropriate forms generated by Registration Gateway or obtain copies from our website or your building clinic. Students may not transport medication to school. If you child has medical issues that you would like to discuss with me or our staff, please feel free to call me or the school building to schedule a time to discuss these.
I hope this answers a few of your questions as you enter our new school year and together we will work to keep your child safe and healthy.
Yours in Health,
Lisa Witzke, RN, BSN, Health Care Coordinator
Brecksville-Broadview Heights City Schools
440 740-4006; witzkel@bbhcsd.org 

Information Regarding New Forms

We are trying to stream line our medication forms this year.
Inhalers: If your child uses and inhaler, your and your doctor only need to fill out the Asthma Action Plan which will include the order for an inhaler, and or nebulizer treatment and has a section to indicate if the child is able to carry their own inhaler.
EpiPens: If your child uses and EpiPen for food allergies-you and the physician need to fill out the Food Allergy Action Plan. If they are carrying their pen, you and the doctor should fill out the back of this form and remember that Ohio Law states that if a student carries an EpiPen, an additional pen must be provided for the clinic.
If your child uses and EpiPen for insect stings, you and the physician need to fill out the Insect Action Plan. If your child carries and EpiPen, you and the doctor need to fill out the back of the action plan and remember Ohio Law state that if a student carries an EpiPen, an additional pen must be provided for the clinic.
If your child uses and EpiPen for other reasons, please fill out the Basic Action Plan with your doctor and please complete the back section to allow them to carry it at school. If you do not have this, just ask the physician to indicate on the Action Plan if the student may carry the EpiPen and again if this is what is decided, an additional pen must be provided for the clinic.

Important Medical Forms

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